Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lies and the Lying Liar Who Tells Them

A couple of mornings ago while I was still in bed and Chris was getting dressed for work, he asked me if I knew where all his socks had gone.

I told him I had no idea.

Then I hid my feet, so he wouldn't notice I was wearing a pair right then.

Then I told him the Sock Fairy probably got 'em.

"The Sock Fairy?"

"The Sock Fairy."

"Wouldn't the Sock Fairy leave more socks?"

"No. The Sock Fairy takes socks. Hides them. Probably eats them."

"But why? The Tooth Fairy doesn't steal teeth and hide and eat them."

"Yes she does."

"...Okay, but she leaves money."

"Well, the Sock Fairy isn't the Tooth Fairy."



"Are you going to tell stuff like this to our kid?"

"That's the plan."

This morning, Chris noticed a lot of his socks in the dirty clothes, and I don't think he's buying the sock fairy thing anymore. To me, this seems like an important lesson in parenting. Also a good time to buy more socks.