Saturday, July 17, 2010

right this moment

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Friday, July 9, 2010

7:30 tonight

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

beautiful bruised Ivy

to catalogue*: a bruised forehead, a cut by her hairline, various scratches and bumps on her face.

it happens.

And here's a tangental story for you: so Ivy and I were checking out at Target today when the (middle-aged) lady who was running the register looked at Ivy and commented that all the little kids she'd seen today had bruises on their heads, and that my daughter's was particularly large.

"Oh, well, she is adventurous, and has two adventurous older brothers," I laughed.

She was quiet then, and I assumed she was concentrating on what she was doing, or had moved on? to be honest, I didn't think anything of it, until a minute later she all of a sudden burst out: "I don't know why those boys wouldn't get in trouble for hurting their sister!"


I kind stared at her for a second, before saying "...well, they do, obviously, if they hurt her, if they hurt anyone.'s not always intentional, and it's not always their fault."

She kind of nodded. "I'm sure. Someone just needs to tell them to be extra gentle with her."

"uh, okay," I said.

"They need to take of her. You need to tell them she's a little princess."



Now, please note I could have said a lot of things here, a lot of very long-winded, feminist-rant, mind-your-own-business kinds of things, but because I am a very well-brought-up, polite kind of girl, and also because I was starving and really wanted to go home and eat, I was just like "Ha! That's what her dad says! Okay, bye!"

but, seriously people? seriously.

*I spelled it 'catalogue' the first time, but then couldn't decide if that was right or not, and have now wasted twenty minutes looking up 'catalogue vs. catalog' and second-third-fourth-guessing which would be the best to use. Which is especially ridiculous if you already realize they are completely interchangeable, and totally a matter of preference. BUT THESE GRAMMAR DILEMMAS ARE SERIOUS.
I guess.