Monday, November 30, 2009

crushing my writer's block with an iron fist, OH YES

I've been trying to think of something to post about for two days, and have come to the AMAZING and TOTALLY ORIGINAL conclusion that it is easier to write when life is stupid than when life is super awesome. and the last two weeks of November were really super awesome, so what did that leave me to write about? NOTHING.

lucky for you, Ivy spiked a temperature yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling decidedly less-awesome-than-before, and my kids have already heard me swear twice today. so. yay! we can now return to our previously scheduled complaining posting.

my camera and I are in a fight. We have been in a fight for about a month now, and everytime I mention it to someone they ask me who's winning, only it's not that kind of fight. It's the kind of preteen-girl-hissy-fight that has no winners, only an endless supply of pain and evil. This is why I took no pictures of our Thanksgiving. I did, however, take pictures of some of my relatives who were around, and while only half of them turned out the way they should (YOU ARE STUPID, CAMERA) look how pretty some of them are:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

energized, or something

I woke up yesterday morning with an unfamiliar feeling. I had ... something ... that I hadn't had in awhile. I got up and fed the kids. I fed myself. and not just by foraging for food in the pantry, either, I did this thing where I sliced fruit and toasted wheat bread. It was amazing. Is this how we used to live? I can hardly remember.

after that I was still feeling that weird feeling, so instead of falling on the couch inert, I read to my kids. Outloud. With my raspy, squeaky non-voice, and we all thought it was hilarious. We laughed, our laughter rusty with disuse. it scared Ivy, who wasn't sure what that sound was, but after we sorted it out, oh, how we laughed.

And THEN! after that! I did that thing that people do, you know that thing where they clean themselves? In, like, a shower? And this is the best part: after I was finished, I put on clothes, actual clothes that I hadn't slept in. then I did the same to my kids. "why aren't we wearing Pajamas today, Mom?" they wanted to know, but at that point the strange feeling had vanished and I couldn't answer. Why were we wearing clothes? Was there a point? also, who am I?

So after that I took a nap.

but still.
I guess this means I'm not going to die after all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ivy has a fever
William threw up all over the carpet
I am pretty sure I'm dying
and my computer still doesn't work

how am I going to survive tomorrow? HOW?

( no, really. how?)

(happy stories to follow at some point later this week.) (if I'm not dead.)