Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ivy has a fever
William threw up all over the carpet
I am pretty sure I'm dying
and my computer still doesn't work

how am I going to survive tomorrow? HOW?

( no, really. how?)

(happy stories to follow at some point later this week.) (if I'm not dead.)


Katie Lane said...

You guys are sick! NOOO! I wanted to play this week!!!! At least you have Star Wars to keep the boys on the couch right?

Turley Family said...

i hate sick kids! poor liz.

jamie said...

Feel better soon!!!

Grandy said...

I hope you are all quite well VERY SOON!!! And...absolutely NO dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Cause I want TONS of darling Halloween pics of my amazingly handsome and beautiful and breath-taking grandchildren up here, like, NOW!!!!!

Grandy said...

Are you OK????

Jaclyn said...

miserable-- hope the week improved and that you're not dead. if you ever need anything, I'm just down the road.

Mauri said...

are you dead? if not...and you want to come see time travelers wife tonight we're meeting at my house at 8:45 it plays at 9:15 at the sticky shoe.