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Name Name Bo Bame Banana Nana Fo Fame

I have two things to say here:

the first is that girl names are much much easier than boy names. And Chris and I are completely out of boy names we can agree on. so good thing we're having a girl.

the second is that though we still have a hard time agreeing on girl names, we have managed to narrow our favorites to three choices or so, and thus I feel safe opening this up for discussion:

Girl Names I really truly Like That Chris Has Unequivocally Declared Terrible:

1. Rosalind
2. Portia
3. Miriam
4. Moira
5. Viola
6. Deidre
7. Rosemary
8. Sophie
9. Esme
10. Felicity
11. Frederika
this list could be longer.

There is a heavy Shakespearean theme, as well as some Celtic influence going on. yes, I see that.

but what do you think?

ps. feel free to hate my taste--you can't possibly think less of it than my husband.

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the dinosaur museum with Claire and Grandy

Pretty Princess

Dear Everyone,

I have a lot to say these days--you know, loads of stories and whatnot-- so naturally I've been dealing with all this organically occuring blog-fodder by writing nothing as energetically as possible.

it's been going really well for me.

but now I'd like to get back to telling you stuff. most especially about my elbows.

This weekend we went to Rexburg, Idaho for a wedding, and the first night in the hotel I tossed and turned and sighed and grumbled and could not get comfortable. The next morning I woke up with my elbows all red and raw and sore from (get this!) rubbing the sheets.

That's right, everybody. The low-thread count sheets hurt my elbows.
because I am delicate.
I am a Fragile Flower.
I am practically the Princess and the Pea, because, let's face it, it was probably a wrinkle in the bedskirt under the mattress keeping me up all night in the first place, I AM SO VERY SENSITIVE.

and someone should buy me a crown.

(ha! just kidding! what would I do with a crown? buy me some earrings, instead.)


we're having a girl.