Monday, April 21, 2008

Name Name Bo Bame Banana Nana Fo Fame

I have two things to say here:

the first is that girl names are much much easier than boy names. And Chris and I are completely out of boy names we can agree on. so good thing we're having a girl.

the second is that though we still have a hard time agreeing on girl names, we have managed to narrow our favorites to three choices or so, and thus I feel safe opening this up for discussion:

Girl Names I really truly Like That Chris Has Unequivocally Declared Terrible:

1. Rosalind
2. Portia
3. Miriam
4. Moira
5. Viola
6. Deidre
7. Rosemary
8. Sophie
9. Esme
10. Felicity
11. Frederika
this list could be longer.

There is a heavy Shakespearean theme, as well as some Celtic influence going on. yes, I see that.

but what do you think?

ps. feel free to hate my taste--you can't possibly think less of it than my husband.


Johnson-n-Johnson said...

I love Miriam, Sophie, and Felicity. Sorry, I'm with Chris on the rest!

What happened to Olivia?

kat said...

this is what i pictured...

i like shakespearean names.
just don't name her dorcas.

lepakkomies said...

ִיI'm afraid my taste mirrors Chris' with regards to all names but Sophie. Name her Sophia and call her Sophie for short. My cousin just had a girl and named her Sophie.

Lincoln said...

Um...yeah....I'm with Chris.
Although I sort of like Deidre.
Good luck.

Heather said...

I love them all, Liz.


Tiff said...

Sadly teaching has ruined some of these names for me. I think Violet or Sophie is cute.

Good luck. I know my cousin's newest girl came very close to being known as "Rylee's little sister." Seriously, within about a week.

Ann-Marie said...

i want to join the "i like sophie" camp.

Caroline said...

This list could also double as a list of 'Romance Novel Heroines'. Obviously, I'm in support of all of them.

Nama said...

i think they're all quite unique and unlaughable. my favorites are sophie (as noted by others), violet, portia, & miriam. esme intrigues me, and if anybody could pull off naming a little girl esme, you could. and if anybody's child could pull off having an awesome & unique name, it would be your child.

Em said...

Esme is the best because it reminds me of The Emperor's New Groove. Could the next boy be Kronk?? PLEASE?!?!?

kat said...

maybe you should name your next son "oddysseus" with two d's.
and you could call him "odd".
and when people ask him if his parents are into literature, you could tell him to say, "no, they're bikers."