Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Letters to Santa, 2012 ed.

Dear Santa,
I want a new leapster game. And I want two coloring books because my other ones are all colored on. And we are going to be at our Grandy and Grampy's house in Missouri, please come find us. I want the movie "Brave." I will try to be so good so you can bring me presents. That's all I want. I mean, I would like two leapster games. Santa, I hope you have a fun time and a good time finding all the people. Love,
Ivy Elizabeth
ps. I would like an Ariel doll.

Dear St. Nick,
I want a Leapster game and Star Wars or Madagascar 3. And a book. I hope it's a good one. Please bring me good stuff. love,
William Ott


Dear Santa St. Nick,

We will be in missori (sp) and I want a kinect, new wii game, Star Wars on leapster, a better life, whole series of Harry Potter, more baseball books, a new Christmas tree for mom and dad, the movie paranorman, are warlocks real, peace at school.

Sorry for drawing beards bad. Your best citizen,
Michael Aaron Bennett Ott
ps. I want a [wii] nunchuck

Saturday, December 8, 2012