Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day of pre-school, a little late

Last Tuesday was Michael's first day of pre-school. He was very excited ... until a few nights before when he became rather nervous and started asking me if it was going to be dark.

Now, he adores everything about it.

Especially his spiderman "backy-packy."

This is Michael and his second-cousin Louk. Louk is in his class, and Michael told me after the first day that Louk is his best friend. (Then he told me his teacher was his best friend.) (The night before that, he told me Grampy was his best friend.) (He's fickle, that one.)

We both wish he could go to school every day.


kat said...

hey, he told me i was his best friend!

Turley Family said...

They are growing up too fast! I love it backy-packy, at our house it's a pack-pack. Glad he is liking school.

side note...i think me and the girls are going to stay up there for halloween. can we tag along with you?

Chris and Laura said...

so I've been snooping...sorry! can I link your blog on mine?

Jaclyn said...

i cannot believe that michael is old enough to go to preschool-- love the picture of the two boys chatting