Thursday, November 6, 2008

computers make my head hurt

I cannot figure out what's going on today. Everytime I load a picture into blogger it becomes desaturated and flat looking.
Above is the SOOC shot. In photoshop and in my viewer it looks more like this, only without the harsh and unattractive skin variations:

and (in my viewer) THAT picture looks like it was edited by a cracked out monkey.

will somebody PLEASE tell me how to fix this?


Chris and Laura said...

I just want to know what photoshop program you use.

Natalie said...

I know this is a post you did awhile ago so unless you get your comments e-mailed to you, you may never see this one...
Upload your photos to photobucket and then embed them to your blog. Your saturation/color/hues/texture/contrast and all those lovely things you do in Photoshop will stay true to what you see on your computer. Blogger just does not do photos justice.