Thursday, August 5, 2010


I was thinking today how aggravating it is that the local Thai restaurant doesn't deliver, but really I think I'm more annoyed that the library doesn't deliver. don't you think? and also they should hire trustworthy people who will walk straight into my house and deposit those free books onto my lap while I lay on my couch.

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Ann-Marie said...

What a good idea! You should suggest it to your library!! :)

As a librarian I would appreciate it if someone could do that for me too!

Lincoln said...

If I still worked at the library...I would deliver your books.

They'd be dirty and inappropriate...but I'd still deliver.

Jen said...

Our library let's you request books from any of the Milwaukee area libraries and they deliver it to my local library and email me when it gets here. That's pretty good.

I have often thought there should be a netflix for books...

Lizzie said...

(I know this is an OLD post, but I was catching up on your blog and couldn't resist posting)

If the Thai restaurant you are refering to is Lehi's Thai House, I say that while, yes, it is annoying they don't deliver, that place is MORE than worth the 5 minute drive. I think I might be buried there when I die.