Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So, let's say that you're me. (Hi, me! you look great.)

And you come from a talented family. A very talented family.

With siblings. Lots of siblings.

Who all do stuff. Cool Stuff.

But you don't. Not because you had no talent - you were mildly talented at stuff - but because while they were practicing their cool stuff, you were ... busy.

Yes, you were busy! Very busy! BUSY BUSY BUSY, with, you know, ... sloughing. Or eating. Or both.

and such.

Anyway, say that today you ran into an old family friend. And say that old family friend was not a close friend, really - more the kind of friend who can't tell you apart from your siblings. And then say that friend was all,

"Oh, the flutist!"

And you thought, nope. not the flutist.

"Right! Of course! The dancer."

try again, lady.

"Oh. Um. The ... er... basketball player?"


"I'm sorry. You must be ... uh ... ahem ... SO! What do you do?"


a) "I eat. and slough. sometimes simultaneously."

b) "I ... well ... I, uh, ... I made a pretty baby! Look at him!"

c) "Your mom called. She hates you."

d) "Nothing."

Whoever guesses what I chose wins TEN MILLION DOLLARS (or a picture of Michael. Whichever I have on hand).


I don't know how it happened, but Michael learned a fake laugh.


Kimberly said...

I guess b.

Ann-Marie said...

i'm feeling 100% confident with "b" he is a really cute baby!

Nama said...

i second that 'b', but if I weren't really you, i would go with 'c'...

kat said...

secret option e) "it's flautist."

Fat eSpence said...

you play the harp

Jay said...

secret option f) "I AM RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING!! It's hard work!!! You people ask too much of me!!"

Em said...

i'm going with a smooth babble of a through d...