Wednesday, March 8, 2006

A Shout Out

Kat has been my best friend since, like, before we met, and not just because we somehow lived the same childhood full of "Slipper and the Rose" and "Teen Witch," but also because she'll come over to my house with a paper face of herself to play with, and at the end of the night when I'm all,
"You know what we should do next? Set your hair on fire and take pictures while it burns! it'll be your Michael Jackson face"
she'll be all,
"brilliant. Let's do it before Chris comes back."

kat ... you get me.


Jay said...

...And why didn't you CALL ME when all the PYRO-RELATED ACTIVITES were taking place, I'd like to know ?!?!?!

kat said...

because you would've set my actual hair on fire, jay.

Em said...

good point. excellent photo. brilliant you.

Heather said...

I will leave a comment on each of your blogs about how funny that was.

And I forgot to tell you guys that pretty soon after I moved here, I got into a debate with an acquaintance about whether or not "Teen Witch" was a musical. I quickly Netflixed it so I could prove how right I was, and halfway through the "TOP THAT" rap sequence she was begging me to be her new best friend.

It's the movie that brings people together.

Nama said...

"i don't really give a [insert blurted out curse word] about trying to top that!"

MAN, that was a great movie/musical! i think the horred-80's-wearing-lacey-socks-with-brighly-colored-heals really makes it for me.

Lincoln said...

Can I just tell the world I have the only copy of "The Depths of Shallowness"-a product of Liz and Kat. Unless I'm wrong. In which I'll feel real stupid now. Whatever.