Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, 2 Days Late

me: Happy Valentine's Day, Christofer. Even if it is one day late
him: don't worry; Valentine's isn't really a day--it's a special feeling in our hearts.
me: um, actually, it is a day. On the calendar. February 14.
him: well, fine.
me: St. Valentine's Day, officially designated on that specific day by the catholic church.
him: I was kidding. I get it.
me: I think Valentine was burned at the stake or something, and you can't just go throwing away his rememberance day with words about it being a "feeling" in our "hearts."
him: fine.
me: unless that feeling is the fiery hot agony of being burned alive.
him: I'm not talking to you anymore.

ahhh, Valentine's Day. such a special time. especially around here, where romance is always in the air.

This year for Valentine's, Chris had to work late, so I (romantic fool that I am) took the kids to Wendy's, went to bed around 10, and was sound asleep by the time he finally got home.

so we decided to celebrate on Friday, which we did: the kids went to bed early, I made our traditional fondue dinner, and we ate and talked and watched movies.

(and put Michael back to bed about six hundred times. He kept coming out because he "hurt his nose." or his finger. or his tummy. He couldn't really decide, but ooooh, it hurrrrrrrrrt)

afterwards we came up to bed, turned out the light, and proceeded to have an annoying-song-off : much like a dance-off, but instead it's about who can get the most annoying song stuck in the other person's head.

(in case you're interested: I started strong, with an opening salvo of "why do birds/suddenly appear/everytime/you are near?" but Christofer nearly had me later with a quick "he's leaving/ on that midnight train to Georgia" parry. not normally an annoying song, except it had been the bane of my existence for days. Unfortunately for him, I had been building my tolerance to herculean levels by listening to that song incessantly all week, and I think it's safe to say I pulled out a victory with the massively unpopular "I love mommy/she loves me/ we love daddy/yessiree" refrain.)

and so we both went to sleep singing.

all in all, a perfectly lovely valentine's.

one day late.


Nama said...

just so you, spliz, i've had "midnight train to georgia" stuck in my head since you blogged about it.

thanks. a lot.

"i'd rather live in this woooorld then live without him in my woooorld."

happy valentines day.

kat said...

i'm glad that after so many years of marriage you and spchris are still able to keep the romance alive.

Heather said...

My family plays this game. I usually win because I do a really awful (and accurate) version of "Have You Ever Really, Really, Really Loved, No I Mean Really, Loved a Woman."

I like to really emphasize the sentence about seeing unborn children in her eyes. Its haunting.

Em said...

Actually... St. Valentine was beaten by clubs and then beheaded. Happy Valentines Day.