Saturday, June 14, 2008

self-portrait saturday, vol. III/Happy Father's Day

I took the pictures in the last post for Christofer for Father's day--then, as an inside joke, I decided afterward it would be absolutely hilarious to give Christofer a picture of the the boys AND me for Father's Day.

absoultely hilarious! ha. Hahahaha. Ha. HA.

Let me ask you a question, internet: have you ever tried, by yourself, to get two boys to smile, two little boys to smile, while also wrestling them in place, while also smiling, while also taking the damn picture?

probably not.

because only an insane person would do that.

Anyway, this is the picture I'm going to give Christofer, and I chose it because, while some foolish foolish people will look at it and see me smiling and think, 'ahhh, happy!' most people I know will see this smile and recognize this face as the face I make on days when somone's crying and someone's yelling and something is missing and something is burning and the phone is ringing and when I finally answer it, the person asks me, "how's it going?" And then I MAKE THIS EXACT FACE and answer, "oh, AWESOME."

So you see? Happy Father's Day, Christofer. When you look at this picture, you'll know how much we all miss you.


irwandiaz said...

nice pic... :)

Nessa said...

I really like this photo... and your ironic smile.

Sarah & Shawn said...

I think the photo is cute. :) It just shows real life. But very cute Liz.

Anonymous said...

I like the cleavage.


And happy father´s day Chris!!

Ashley said...

I am there-- living your life. Kind of like the 'trying to grocery shop with two kids' thing. Absolutely love the lighting on your pics. And I can appreciate timers and positioning. Lavendar days is coming up at the end of the month. Maybe you could shoot some pics for me.--Ashley

Jaclyn said...

I love this-- it's honest and totally adorable. Hope he loved it--

kat said...

i think michael's expresseion is my favorite. my older sister used to look at me like that when i was crying.

Eddie the Girl said...

wow your good at this stuff.

Jon said...

Dear Liz,

Very nice picture. You have much talent. But why do you have an RSS feed on your photo blog, but none on your text blog. This strikes me as somewhat inconsistent.

Your friend,
Jon Harmon