Thursday, March 5, 2009


I can't seem to think of a good, organized way to put all these pictures up, and I feel like a loser if I spend too long thinking about what I'm going to post on my blog, so...we're just gonna start.

Here we are on the plane. I tried to take this picture myself with Christofer's camera, but who knew point and shoots could be so hard?

Don't we look happy? I know some people wouldn't be all jazzed for a five-hour flight in the middle of the night, but as far as I was concerned, vacation started the second I dropped my kids off at my mom's house.

Five hours! To Myself! With a book! score.

This is Chris with Cody.
What I like about Cody is, he grooms his eyebrows waaaaaay more meticulously than I groom mine.
Because apparently, if he doesn't, they stage a coup, take over his face, and begin eating hapless passers-by.
and singing.
Like Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors!
although I might have made up the part about them singing.

Cody is married to Kelsie, who is extremely likeable, which is a shame. I want to dislike her, because my heart is cold and dead but really because this is her 5 months pregnant:

and this is me, 4 months pregnant:

too subtle? we'll go again. Kelsie, 5 months:

me, four months:


used the timer for this one:

and that's all I have time for today. come back tomorrow for approximately 6000 pictures of Chris and me! LUCKY YOU.


Ashley said...

I will be back tomorrow! I am choosing right now to dislike Kelsie. I think my 3 month prego photos beat your 4 month prego photos.. which totally sucks!

kelsie said...

Hey common this is my first baby! give me a break! you just wait till my next one I'm sure I'll beat ya!:) by the way you are freaking cute prego!
I found you off of AnneMarie's blog, Don't you wish we could still be in Hawaii?! I miss it already!
So your pictures turned out so cute, I'm excited to see the rest! you are very talented!
Oh I love the thing about Cody's eyebrows ha ha ha!!! that is classic!

Katie said...

oh fun! Yes vacation starts when you drop the kids off, wahoo!!! those pictures of her on the beach are beautiful. I get huge too, us poor fat people. Well I stayed fat after Jack and you slimmed down. Anyways, can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. And come over to play sometime soon. The surgery went well so hopefully next week we'll be up for playing!