Friday, March 6, 2009

a whole lot of pictures

the condensed version

snorkeling and whale watching:

at the beach by our hotel:



drinking pina coladas:

looking awesome:
making out:

Maui Ocean Center:

it was a fantastic trip.

(thanks to Cody, who snapped most of these pictures using our cameras. When he used my camera, I would set the settings, he would snap the shot, and it turned out pretty well.)


Turley Family said...

Love the pic of you and criff looking out at the ocean. looks like so much fun!

Johnson-n-Johnson said...
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Johnson-n-Johnson said...

WOw. Stunning pictures. MAybe your 5 month pregnant friend would think it was a shame that you are so darn nice. Otherwise, it would be really easy to dislike you for how you look after having 3 kids in three years. You look gorgeous Spliz!

Anonymous said...

It looks soooo fun!!!!!

Ashley said...

Awesome! as in awesome everything.

Amber said...

you look beautiful!

Amanda said...

I love Maui! Looks like you had a great time. You look great. And happy. And beautiful. I hate you.