Sunday, June 28, 2009

why Chris stopped asking what's on my mind

what I've been thinking about:

1. cheese
2. shoes
3. my lack of skillz, specifically relating to numbers
4. cheese!
5. if William will survive childhood
6. if Michael will survive childhood
7. if Michael and William will survive childhood, but die from the force of my wrath
8. what?
9. painted nails are distracting
10. cheese

what have you been thinking?


Lindsay Anne Hatfield said...

what's on my mind right now? your post was at 1:11. numbers numbers. i've got to get out of my head!

Kate said...

Muffin top. Seriously. There's got to be some jeanswear solution for women who bend over, kneel down, sit down, raise their arms above their heads -- without losing a bit of stylish flair.

Ashley said...

Dear Kate. Amen!

On my mind. Metal. Specifically the metal screw added to Huggie's wrist this morning.