Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend project

I didn't post at all this weekend because things were a little chaotic around here. For example,
we spent 2 hours on Saturday afternoon digging a giant hole in our backyard by hand.

it didn't go well.

so Chris left, and came back with this:

much better.

although I didn't get to drive it, because, apparently, it's every little boy's dream to one day operate a digger.

without any help from his wife.

see? our house is a place where dreams come true.
like disneyland!
only messier.

a few hours later, we had a giant hole in our backyard.



Ashley said...


Katie Lane said...

What is the hole for?

Mauri said...

now comes the tramp right?! it took my bro and 3 of his friends over a week to dig a hole for our tramp in high you were smart to bring in the major power. I saw that machine in your drive way and figured projects were happening.

Turley Family said...

I love that he came back with a digger...I think Dust would be jealous of the big man toy! whats the hole for?

ayoungblut said...

Looks like fun! You know how I love a project. Sinking a tramp I bet, just like the aunties have!