Friday, May 29, 2009

about the kids

A few days ago Michael came running, yelling, "Mama! William tried to bit me! William TRIED TO BIT ME!"

"Tried to bite you," I replied. (this is the kind of parent I am. )

"No, he tried to BIT me," he emphasized. Clearly he was concerned that I failed to appreciate the gravity of his situation.

"Right," I said. "But it's not 'bit.' The word is 'bite.'"

He paused. I could see he was grappling with this response, particularly since the word was indubitably "bit." After all, hadn't he heard me say it many, many times? "You bit him!" "Whoa, he bit you!" "Dudes. Did someone get bitten?" etc.

", he tried to BIT ME," he said forcibly.

"Well, that's past tense," I said.

He stared at me. William stared at me, too.

I elaborated. "If it's already happened, then yes, you would say, 'Mama bit me.' But if it hasn't happened yet, and I was obviously going to bite you, you would say 'Mama's going to bite me.'"

They stared some more. Michael was clearly distressed, sputtering for words. Finally he shot out, "NO! No, that would be so mean, Mama. Don't you do that!"

"That's not good idea," William added.

And there they stood, side by side, united against this unexpected new threat.

"oh! ...sorry," I said. "I...uh...I promise not to bite."

And reassured, they ran off to resume their game.


Jonathan said...

Poor kids; they have a journalist for a mother.

Ashley said...

Too funny. My favorite is when I say something that Louk doesn't quite understand and he quietly repeats it under his breath trying to get a grasp on the situation. Funny kids:)

Leah Vanessa said...

You are awesome.

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

I am laughing! That is hysterical! I just hope when you are out in public that they don't start screaming, "Don't bite me mom."

ayoungblut said...

Now that's a new tactic to combat warfare!

Megan & Trever Ford said...

I love your stories. And William's dramatic faces when he is devastated. So sad, gotta love that kid. Sorry we couldn't come this month. I am particularly sick this month and with the scheduling conflicts, but hopefully we will see you soon.