Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've decided to marry one of these girls to one of my boys, because they are adorable, but really to help prevent red-head extinction.

just trying to do my part, people.

(these pictures make me miss my sisters.)


Erin said...

These pictures make me miss my daughter's sister!

Ashley said...

These girls are so cute. Can I just say, I love the bed spread.... tell your friend.

Jen said...

Makes me wish I had one! I agree with Ash. Super cute bed. Oh, and my SIL is dating a red head (she is a red head) and says that she is just doing her part as well:)

Mauri said...

yup...looked at your blog soo many times today. what cute kids!
THANKS for taking such cute pictures of them!

Mauri said... what talent can I share with you??