Tuesday, May 26, 2009

near tragedy

Saturday I was walking up to the library with Maggie and Nate, when all of a sudden my camera bag fell open, my camera tumbled out and fell onto the concrete.

I nearly had a heart attack.
I really thought it was broken.

luckily, it wasn't. It's a little worse for the wear, but workable.
although I need a new battery pack.

I know, right? My life is so dramatic.


Ashley said...

Great pic Liz.

Catherine said...

Love the photos! I take it you did her engagements! How fun!

Almost forgot to thank you for your photo re-sizing wisdom in which I have benefited from. It makes a huge difference when one uses photo bucket.

Keep posting. You're one of my favorite people to blog-stalk. Maybe one of these days we'll actually cross paths. I'd like that.

Turley Family said...

glad it was only a near tragedy! Your sister is so cute! love the pictures!

Johnson-n-Johnson said...
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Johnson-n-Johnson said...

She looks gorgeous. Seriously stunning! Wish we could be there. Beautiful pics! But, is this just another ploy to get a newer camera? HeeHee!

Anna said...

Ahhh! I love Margaret! (and Nate too...I just don't know him yet) The pictures are so gorgeous. And I guess since they are getting married it means I get to see YOU soon too! That will be oh-so-fun. :)

P.S. I am in a contest that ends tomorrow and am super close to a prize...everyone go vote!
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Leah Vanessa said...

I love the photos and I especially love the subject!