Tuesday, March 2, 2010

eavesdropping FAIL

I have no idea what my boys are doing right now, but I suspect it involves jumping off the beds. I can hear them thumping to the floor over and over, but I'm not going to check because I am busy lying on the couch typing this blog and trying not to die. Woe is me! Woe, woe, woe. I hate being sick. Also, I would like some earplugs. And maybe some percocet? anyway.

Five minutes ago, the boys were downstairs building a fort and entertaining me by having serious discussions within earshot. That was much better than the bed jumping. Remember this conversation? I swear that was the last time I talked to Michael about marriage, but today after they were comfortably settled within their fort, I heard him ask William, in all seriousness, who William was going to marry.

"Maybe Daddy," said William.

"You can't marry Dad," Michael told him earnestly. "Dad's a boy. You have to marry a girl."

"Oh, okay," William said agreeably. "I'll marry Ivy."

"You can't marry Ivy," Michael laughed, "she's your sister."

"...I know, I'll marry you, Michael!" William said. "You're my best friend."

"I'm a boy!" Michael laughed again. "You have to marry a girl."

"Mom?" William tried.

"Mom's already married. To Dad."

they sat silently for a moment, thinking.

"Who could you marry?" Michael mused aloud. "How about..."

"oh! OH!" William jumped in. Whatever he'd thought of, it was genius. "Grandma!"

Michael thought. "no. She's married, too. To Grandpa."

But William was not deterred. "Grandy!"

"No, she's Daddy's mom. You have to think of your friends. Which friend do you want to marry?"


"Yes!" Michael exclaimed. "That's a great idea!"

This seemed like my cue. "You can't marry Claire," I called out. "You have to pick someone who's not already part of your family."

they were both quiet for a second.

Then Michael said, "Mom, stop listening to us."
And that's when they went upstairs.


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Grandy said...

Wonderous William-wise Michael!!! I am soooo happy that William loves his family so much!! Is Claire technically off limits??? Hummmmmmmmmm :) Love to the tremendous three and totally amazing two---get better NOW!!!