Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest Blog by Lincoln

This is my friend Lincoln. Forgive the picture. I stole it from his professional site. Also forgive his fake tan. His producers made him do it.

Lincoln is a news anchor (currently in Boise), an outdoor enthusiast, an egotist, an actor and generally one of my favorite people ever. He volunteered to write a guest blog a few posts back, and THANK YOU THANK YOU, because I have nothing to write this week.

He sent this last night and I am going to post it as is, because I am honest like that. I am so honest I will also tell you that the exact message he sent with it was: "This turned out much more flattering to you than I envisioned. Oh, well."

Cool by Association

I hate to admit this.
I really, really do.

But Liz Bennett played a big part in making me somewhat popular in high school. Nevermind the fact such popularity was a bit fleeting. It still happened. She knows this, too. Luckily she only reminds me of it occasionally.

I took an interest in acting my senior year in high school. Drama class eventually led me to try out for the school play...a production of "The Visit." For a newcomer, the role was decent. I played the Doctor. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "leading role" material), I'd say my character was sitting on number 4 or 5. I had a fair amount of lines, a fair amount of scenes, and a fair amount of exposure. Liz, of course, played the lead role. I had known Liz before this point. I might even call us friends. But we weren't close. That all changed as we put this play together. Liz and I became good friends. We were best friends "on set." I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was my charming personality. More likely, I was a poor little dorky kid from the west side, and Liz saw me as a project. Kind of like Cher did with Tai in "Clueless." Since Liz had the lead role, her stock was already pretty high with the WDPs (weird drama people), so my stock started rising as well. "He's friends with Liz," they'd say. "He must be cool."

The play ended. Liz and I stayed friends. My popularity reached a new level. (Down from the initial high during production...but still at an unprecedented level.) It wasn't until years later that the reality of all this set in. Liz, in her charming, only-slightly narcissistic nature, pointed out to me, "You were cool by association with me." Touche.

Then there's the time my friendship with Liz came between me and my then girlfriend Erin...and these two girls ended up crying in the back of my truck and hashing things out...all because of little ole me. But that's another story.


Spliz said...

the two of us crying over little ole you in the back of the truck is not another story, it's a delusion.

Amanda said...

So does that mean I was cool by association twice removed? I was friends with you and you were friends with Liz? Rats, I thought I would only be one time removed. Ahhh, high school. Good times.

Laura said...

so.....does that make me super cool because i was friends with BOTH of you BEFORE you were friends with each other? I don't really think that works for me.....maybe I was just a wanna-be cool person surrounded by people who THOUGHT they were cool, because they were popular with the really weird drama people. Hmmmm something for me to contemplate today. Thanks Lincoln!

Katie Lane said...

this was good. Thanks Lincoln!
oh I laughed at the WDP.

kat said...

i was always cool.

Spliz Knows Me said...

I have known Lincoln almost as long as my daughter Elizabeth (Not Liz, who started that) has known Lincoln, but I really did not know him. Here is what his station says about their morning co-anchor and environmentalist:

Lincoln Graves co-anchors 'Today's 6 News' Good Morning Live alongside Michelle Stark, and also covers environmental issues with his weekly ‘Idaho Green Living' Reports.

Lincoln comes to the Treasure Valley from KTVM-TV in Bozeman, Montana, where he spent two years as main evening anchor. He also served as the station's news director for a short time, before coming to Boise to work at KIVI-TV 'Today's 6 News.'

Originally from Salt Lake City, Lincoln has wanted to be a broadcast journalist since the age of 5. He graduated from the University of Utah in 2001 with a broadcasting degree. While there, he won two Hearst Journalism Awards for both radio and television news. He was also named the school's journalism graduate of the year.

After that, life took a bit of a detour. Lincoln spent the next four years traveling and working where he could indulge his passion for the great outdoors. He worked as a tour bus driver and bellman for four summers in Montana's Glacier National Park. In the winters, he worked at ski resorts in Utah, Colorado and Montana and even spent six months living in Mt. Cook National Park on New Zealand's south island.

When he's not working you can usually find Lincoln in Idaho's mountains... hiking and backpacking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

To contact Lincoln, or to send an idea for an 'Idaho Green Living' segment, email him at lgraves@kivitv.com.

You can interact with the Good Morning Live team on Facebook as well! Just head to the "interact with us" section of the Big Blue Box at kivitv.com to become a fan!