Wednesday, May 12, 2010

texts Christofer has sent me since April 23

500 W is still closed

haha, not sure

hey 500 W is closed, don't forget

Yep it's still closed

Just finishing up one be home in 20 or so

Ugh 500 W is closed. Just in case you forgot again.

Don't know if you knew or not but 500 W is closed, so don't try and go home that way

Hey baby, just showing Cary those pictures

Migraine coming on

Blah 500 W


Christofer said...

I wish I had used that new sarcasm punctuation after the "hey baby." It just seems cheesy reading it the way you have it posted there.

Ann-Marie said...

so is 500 W closed?

Natalie said...

I have sought out your blog unrelated to any posting you have written to inform you if you don't post and HD movie with that new camera of yours soon I am going to have to take it away.

You are doing an injustice to all whom covet a new camera.

That is all.