Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lagoon in two images

pretty accurate summation.


Lindsay Anne Hatfield said...

ah, ivey. let me share with you the injustices of growing up with brothers who exist on an alternate universe. perhaps you will get a sister when you are 14, like i did. it might be too late for the carnival rides, but she can make sure you dress well through your thirties.

adorable. perfect. don't even want a third picture.

Lindsay Anne Hatfield said...

1. ivy (so sorry. i also get the tragedy of people putting e's in your name where they don't belong.)

2. "in" an alternate universe.

must not put anything in writing after 11pm.

Gold's Gym said...

Good Times, Those kids are adorable! I am so glad you all are blogging again! I have to get my fix everyday! These kids won't know who I am but I will know them!

Gold's Gym said...

Sorry, this post is from Aunt Amy under Uncle Harold's