Wednesday, June 30, 2010

some things

I haven't blogged in a long time, and I really have no excuse other than the fact that I have been extremely busy, mostly with trying to ruin Michael's life by being the Meanest Mom Ever. He's five-years-old now, and being that horrible is harder than it sounds. It takes more work than you might expect to aniticipate what he waaaaaants more than anything else in the entire world at every given moment, and then deny him of that most precious precious need. And then there's all the laughing in his face while he cries and pleads! totally exhausting.

This week, aside from refusing Michael his heart's desire(s), we have also been doing swim lessons! Which is kind of a mixed bag, to tell the truth. I love swim lessons, and yet I do not love what happens to all three of my preshus dahrlings by mid-afternoon/evening. William, not five minutes ago, walked up to me and screamed a scream of wordless agony.

"...What?" I asked.

"I do NOT have ANY MILK," he observed, and wandered off. I wonder what he's doing now. Probably coloring on the walls. (Update: no! that was Ivy.)

(Of course, with William this type of behavior is...not unexpected swim lessons or no, but it still exemplifies what's been going on around here all week.)

also! Chris and I are going to see 110 in the Shade tonight, with Audra McDonald, I cannot believe Chris is not more excited. You would be excited, wouldn't you? I was in that play once, but have never actually seen it so I am very excited, plus AUDRA MCDONALD. I am having flashbacks to being obsessed with Ragtime in 1998.

um, that's all. See you later. maybe. After all, I'm mean now, you really can't trust what I say.


Kate said...

Oohhh . . . can I be the whiny kid now?? I'm missing Will and Audra in 110 and two funerals of good, good friends and mentors this week. Enjoy it for me - I heard the show was breathtaking.

Jon said...

I too remember being obsessed with Ragtime in 1998.

Sarah said...

I am so jealous. And wow. Your poor kids. Stop picking on them. K? :)

Spliz said...

Kate--on my blog, you are always welcome to be the whiny kid. Especially for such good reasons.