Monday, September 27, 2010

home again

We just spent the most wonderful week in Hawaii with our kids, my parents and my brother's family. I would like to post a million pictures to help illustrate what a fantastic time we had, but I took approximately 10 pictures before my camera battery died and I realized that I had forgotten to pack my charger.
(On the other hand, that's the only thing I forgot to pack, so cheers for me!)

and now we're home again. If I had enough energy I'd post a picture of all the laundry waiting to be done, I think that would effectively show how I feel about the end of vacation. boo.


Grandy said...

We"re glad you are home safely and that you had a great time. William looks wonderfully happy
!! Good luck with the laundry piles!!! loves...

Ashley said...

jealousy fills my heart.