Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michael's first day of Kindergarten

He was so excited.

We were at the bus stop very early. Luckily, so were some friends.

and...Finally! He's been looking forward to riding the bus ALL YEAR.

He's going to love kindergarten, I really think so.


Turley Family said...

oh he is getting so big! what a cute little guy! hope all went well with the 1st few days of school! give him big hugs from us!

Grandy said...

My Michael--How excited you looked and sounded on your first day of school! Claire loves to ride the bus just like you do. Sometimes we are running late and she misses the bus. She is very sad when that happens! I can't believe you are so big and are a kindergartener already. You are the cutest one, ever!!! Gtandy sure loves you, kindergartener!!!