Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas spirit

Yesterday was the school sing at Michael's elementary. He was extremely excited for us to come watch him perform. He talked about it all week long, and reminded me repeatedly when to be there.

For someone so excited, he looked awfully serious. (He also looked awfully handsome.) (Although please note, I did talk him out of wearing this full three-piece suit. "But I am supposed to look handsome," he told me.)

Nothing like watching a bunch of 5-year-olds sing Feliz Navidad with homemade maracas to warm my grinchy heart.


Kate Park said...

Love that last photo. Can't believe how grown up he is! And yes, handsome too.

Turley Family said...

he looks so grown up! we can't wait to see ya all in a few days!

Grandy said... are incredibly handsome, 3 piece suit or no. I am so glad your Mom was able to go to the concert and take great pics of my darling kindergartener!!! Will you sing your songs for me on Friday??? Keep practicing, ALL THE WAY HERE!!! I love you!! Grandy