Thursday, June 9, 2011

buy me some peanuts

One of my least favorite things about where we live is the fact that we get some truly amazing windstorms. (At least, they're amazing to me.) (We might, at some point, need to discuss my particular issue with windstorms.) (It involves a tornado!) I bring it up because, last night the wind was a-blowin', and it was also the night of Michael's first little league game. We realized at the field that it would be torture to keep the kids there, so Ivy and Charlie and I went home while Christofer and William stayed to freeze watch. These pictures are courtesy of Christofer's phone:

Poor cold Michael. He missed that particular pitch, but Chris says he did get a hit both times he was at bat. (Chris also says that particular pitch was outside and a bad pitch, but Michael swung anyway.) (We take little league very seriously around here, I guess.)

Anyway. Michael and William are loving baseball right now and it is so much fun. The other day, Chris came home for lunch so we took a picnic to the park. While Ivy played on the slide and I rocked Charlie, the boys practiced using their new mitts with their dad. It was...idyllic.

If only everyday were 75 degrees and spent watching the people you love having a beautiful time.


Turley Family said...

wish we lived closer so we could come to some games. at least your not doing baseball here where it's a 100 plus out! enjoy the nice cool weather.

Grandy said...

That sounds soooo wonderful!!! I loved every hour, minute... at every ball park...a hundred of them! Whats not to love, popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks, the crack of the bat, the munchkins yelling "hey batter, batter, batter...warm or cool, hot or cold. Those were the days of my life, and I treasure every single one. Baseball, it's almost heaven, really. I love that the boys are doing exactly what their Dad and Uncle did when they were little. And now their cute kids are doing the same. I've been waiting a long time for this!!! Please take lotsa pics!!! Love you! from baseballGrandy