Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet William

William is starting to get long. I love it and I hate it. One Sunday night he ran down the stairs to kiss me. His mouth still had toothpaste on it and he pressed it on my cheek and threw his arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around his torso and hugged him tight. "William," I told him, "you are getting too big! You need to stop it! Stop it right now!"

He laughed. "Nope! I'm going to keep getting big. Bigger and Bigger!"

"Then I'll have to shrink you." I put my hands on this head and pressed down while he giggled. "Shrink, shrink, shrink. There! Now you're going to be little forever. No more getting big."

"You can't do that, mom, I'm still getting bigger FOREVER. Bigger and bigger!"

"Nope! Too Late! I shrank you. You have to stay little."

He laughed and I tickled him and he shouted out "NO! I'm going to get BIG and I'm going to go to COLLEGE!"

I smiled. "Okay. I guess that's a good idea. But I will miss you!"

"MO-om," he said smiling, and he put his hands on my cheeks, "I will come home to be with you all the time!"

Then he hugged me quickly and ran up the stairs, calling "'Night, Mom!" over his shoulder, and I sat on the couch watching him, my hands over my heart, so grateful for this small perfect moment.


Jess said...

Super cute! It's so sad that they do get bigger... and too fast!

Kate Park said...

Breaks my heart a little too. But so sweet.

Grandy said...

perfect moment...practically perfect William!!! And, I KNOW perfect!! :)

Katie Lane said...

elizabeth, i love how you can take small moments, and put them into words so beautifully. thanks, i needed this to help me through the day of naughty kids today.

Dawsonfamily said...

Love it!