Friday, November 4, 2011


This is my sister with my nephew (looking good, guys):

They're visiting from Michigan and came to spend yesterday afternoon with us.

It mostly consisted of her patiently helping me deal with children/housework/homework/church stuff/dinner. I am not an easy person to visit. You should know this in advance.

It was still really wonderful. I love my sister.

good times.


well, hello Daniel:

and in other (non-related) news:

These two will not stop bickering and fighting today so let's take a moment and remember they are not all bad OR ARE THEY:

eh, they're pretty cute, I guess. Maybe I'll let them out of timeout after all.


Turley Family said...

not going to lie, i enjoyed my self as a visitor at your house! im thinking of coming back some time! one i get this baby out of me!!!

love the pictures...fall what is that like?

Maggie said...

Awww, fun! Miss you guys!

Christofer said...

...and here I thought we were going to get back to regular posts. I will do my best to hide my disappointment.

Jaclyn said...

So cute - I love Margaret too. Can't believe she lives so far away.