Sunday, August 14, 2011


I don't, as a general rule, take my camera to wedding receptions. For one, my hands are full of kids. For two, isn't that what the wedding photographer is for? The exception to this rule is when someone calls and asks me to bring my camera to their wedding reception and also they are my cousin. Because I love my cousin.

Perhaps my cousin should have considered this more carefully. I do my worst work at wedding receptions. It's not on purpose. Maybe it's the pressure?

Anyway. It was a really lovely reception. Look at those beautiful non-amputee cousins of mine! And now (segue!) look at these beautiful cousins:

Sometimes I forget to take pictures of Charles when we're out because while I'm watching the action he's sitting on my lap or in his carseat. Sorry, Charles! But here is proof that you were at the reception, and you were totally adorable:

(That is my brother Daniel between Charles and William. People tell me all the time that William looks like Daniel. What do you think?)

(Congratulations to Carol and Jeff! I only have a few cousins, so I'm grateful the ones I have are entirely wonderful.)


Ashley said...

beautiful. and why oh why does Miss Ivy look so old? and beautiful? and her hair... so lovely.

Grandy said...

I love Ivy"s hair too!! And I love the dress!! (my fav color!) I've not met the cousin that was just married, have I? She is a extremely lovely bride!!!!!!!!! I do see a resemblence between William and Daniel, but more of one between Charles and I. I think its the cheeks!!

Laura said...

These are lovely pictures Liz!

Carol said...

I just got on your blog and saw these (my mom gave me the cd). I love them! :) Thank you thank you thank you!!