Tuesday, August 16, 2011

baseball wrap-up

Michael did Coach Pitch this summer (which, for those who may not be familiar with little-league-talk (like myself earlier this year), means the coaches pitch to their respective teams).
These pictures have been sitting in my camera for months.
Because I am tired.
And also lazy.
And also I broke my toe last month. Did I mention that? It has seriously impaired my ability to do things, like upload pictures and not eat chocolate.
But anyway. Baseball. It was great.

I didn't realize until the first practice that I had placed him up a year, but it was fine. He's a pretty good little player.

Batting was definitely his favorite. Of course, since most kids didn't really have the coordination to consistantly catch with their mitts, batting was everyone's favorite.

I love how nonchalant he looks in that last picture.
Just hanging out on first. What up.

He's already talking about next year.

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