Monday, August 22, 2011


Yesterday was my Grandma's 94th birthday. She has good days and bad days, so my mom wanted to do something low key to celebrate. I made a cake:

(I want you all to know my dad teased me mercilessly for taking pictures of my cake. I was like, Whatever, Dad, that cake is amazing and the internet needs to know.)

(You're welcome.)

My mom brought down cupcakes for the kids so they could blow out individual candles.

It wasn't a very long party. It gets too noisy and worrisome for my Grandma. She feels more secure at home. I'm grateful for every opportunity my kids have to be with her. They won't know the amazing person I knew, but that they love her at all means something to me.

Happy Birthday, Grandma.


Katie Lane said...

that cake is amazing. teach me.

Leah Vanessa said...

Wow. You have skillz.

Spliz said...

this is what I'm saying! Thank you.

Mauri said...

94. that's what's amazing.
you're cake's not too bad either. :)

Natalie Wright said...

Love the cake stand :)

Fabulous cake. What tip did you use? Where did you learn how to do this?

I am starting to think you have hidden skills and are misleading your dearest friends, and fellow ward members.

Do you secretly play the organ as well???

Jen said...

Wow! That is some cake. Beautiful

Jen said...

seriously amazing cake Liz. Glad you documented it.

Grandy said...

I adore Grandma!!! I feel as though I knew her "before", as well. Technically, I"m sure I did!! I am so pleased that our time and our eternal family have over lapped in the most incredible way, YOU!!! Now about the cake--it is gorgeous, Liz...I want to know EVERYTHING!!!