Monday, April 6, 2009

Abby and Ivy

Right now I'm pretending that Michael and William aren't downstairs fighting over a toy, that there aren't half-chopped onions on the counter I haven't finished bagging, and that someone didn't stuff half-a-dozen letters in the downstairs toilet, so that I can have five seconds to post one little picture.

there. I'm finished. GEEZ.


Turley Family said...

ivy is so beautiful! i love her big brown eyes!

Amanda said...


Em said...

Gosh, Liz. Five seconds?? Selfish!!

Mauri said... I found your blog after you commented on brittney's after she stole your pictures - and i was going to sit down really quick and glance at it. HELLO! 45 minutes later and I still want to keep looking! awesome pictures and am I even suprised at all the witty comentary? LOVE it!

Jill said...

I love all your posts, I'm glad Shannon showed me your blog, I love it! It inspires me to be a better blogger. Your little girl is so pretty, and I love Abby so I love that picture.