Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I take a lot of flak for the way I dress Ivy.

I recently came home with new pajamas for her, pajamas that I thought were completely unobjectionable, but APPARENTLY red is not okay color for a girl if that red also has a baseball on it.

because girls don't play baseball, I guess.

but pointing out the rampant CHAUVINISM and GENDER CONDITIONING of such SMALL-MINDED OPINIONS I'M LOOKING AT YOU CHRISTOFER AND DAVID is not the actual subject of my post today.

The point is that I've been pretty laid back about what Ivy wears, but the Expensive and Beautiful Clothes for Little Girls People have discovered me and started sending me catalogues.

catalogues I'd never heard of before.

and now I'm pretty sure my life will never be complete if I don't immediately buy Ivy some bloomers.

that is all.


Kate said...

You bring Ivy over here. I bought Sofia her first ball and bat the other day and she hit a good one. I love the pj's! (And the bloomers).

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh-- she looks just like Chris in that picture!!!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness I saw a little girl swimsuit in that catalogue last year with a giant tutu on it, pink, of course, and I have pined for it ever since. Also Charlotte owned three bloomer sets. Ella so far, none.