Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Girl

Ivy had her first ever birthday party this year, and she was so excited. She talked about it for weeks. Finally! Her own party with her own friends!

the birthday girl, showing her own Lellow hair before receiving a giant red wig that she would like to wear forever.

I talked her into having a water party, because that sounded easier to plan than a fairy party. But what do I know? At the end of the day, I still felt like I was run over by a train.

some of the attendees. I couldn't manage to get everyone gathered for a picture.
Anyway. After much waffling she decided she wanted a cakepop cake.

it's possible the wind blew out her candles before she started blowing.
And I made Pina Colada Shakes.
Which, alright, yes, that was mostly for me. I love all things pina colada. But they were excellent! And the kids really liked them! Plus, adorable umbrellas!
Her favorite part was opening presents.

Her other favorite part was the PVC sprinkler we (Chris) built.

It was a lovely day.


just to make sure Maggie knows Gray had a great time

The End.


Maggie said...

These pictures are SOOOOO cute! And thank you-- I'm glad to know that Gray did in fact have a great time. :) Love that Ivy girl!!

Maggie said...

BTW-- that face Ivy is making in the last picture is TOTALLY a Liz face. She looks just like you.

Spliz said...

She's making that face because she's trying not to smile. She was grumpy about standing behind Grayson (she wanted to stand on the other side of William), but it's pretty easy to get her to giggle.