Thursday, August 30, 2012

soccer players

Soccer began last week, and if Saturday was any indication this season is going to be so, so fun and also a little bit complicated. We had two games to get to, one right after the other on opposite sides of the valley, at the same time as Ivy's preschool open house. So Chris took William and Charles to William's First Ever Soccer Game, and I took Ivy and Michael to the open house and Michael's first game.
All the way to the field, Michael kept saying, "You know what I wish? That William and I BOTH win our first games." 

brothers.   awwwwww.    and also ARRRRGH!
Now, technically William's level doesn't keep score: it's about fun and skills, not competition. But let's be real, those kids keep score. And our kid, he wants to win. (He's half Bennett. He can't help it.) 
So it went down like this: William's team was losing 0-4, which frustrated him. The next time he went in he played very hard and scored 3 goals. Then another teammate scored a goal. Then William scored a fourth time ... and his team won 5-4. 
Not officially, of course. Officially, everyone had fun and learned a lot about soccer. And also about watching out for the crazy kid who wants to win.
I know what happened at the game because William told me about it, then told me about it again, then reenacted it for me, then told Michael about it when he came off the field. 
Which was good, because then Michael got a little ... inspired, we'll say, if inspired is synonymous for competitive, and promptly scored for his team.
Which was also good.
So yes, both our teams won. It was a great weekend for sports. Next we'll work on having great weekend for sportsmanship, i.e.  GLOATING IS NOT COOL GUYS.
(Sorry everyone around us/who knows us. It's the genes, I swear.)


Maggie said...

Hilarious. William looks like a pirate in this pictures.

Heather said...

Can I come to a game? I promise to drink a slurpee and get way too involved with cheering.

Spliz said...

Everyone knows that's the only way to enjoy a game. come, come!