Tuesday, August 28, 2012

William's First Day of Kindergarten

time for some learning, yo.
William was nervous this morning. It wasn't a surprise -- William is sort of a little anxiety-prone? -- but it did mean I spent a lot of time in the last two days having conversations like this:

William: Mom, how will I get to my classroom? I don't remember where it is!

me: When you get off the bus at school there will be people who take you to your classroom.

William: Who will it be?

me: Someone who works at the school.

William: But who? What will the name be?

me: I don't know. But don't worry, someone will be there to help you.

William: BUT WHO?

me: William, I don't know whose job it will be. BUT. There will be people. Right when you get off your bus. And they will take you to your classroom.

William: What if they lose me?

me: They're not going to lose you.

William: But what if they do? What if they don't know I need help?

me: Then tell them and they will help you.


 We have gone over the procedure exhaustively, and I have assured William (MANY TIMES) that there will be plenty of help along the way. He's excited, but my literal-minded and precise William does not like to feel so out of control.

star wars backpack!
We walked to the bus stop together, holding hands the whole way. There was already a crowd of kids there (most older), and when we stopped one of William's friends came up to him. "Hey, that's right!" she said, "Today is your first day of kindergarten! Are you excited?"
"I think, maybe, a little nervous?" he replied.
"It's going to be great. You're going to love it."
When the bus pulled up a minute later she ran to jump on, but stopped and turned around. "I'll save you a seat on the bus, William. You can sit by me."
So William hopped onto the bus (knowing where to sit on the bus was one of his many (MANY) concerns) (his mind couldn't seem to wrap around the idea that you can sit wherever you want (THE CHAOS!)) and sat beside his friend in the front and waved excitedly to me as the bus pulled away.

And all of a sudden I got so nervous. Seriously, WHAT IF THEY LOSE HIM?
As we walked home from the bus stop, I said to Ivy, "Ivy, I'm feeling a little nervous!"
 and she took my hand and said, "Mom! Don't be nervous. William is going to love kindergarten."

She's right. But I might wait by the phone today, anyway.


kat said...

The whole "first day of school" thing seems like one of the hardest parenting events to go through.
I feel like somebody should bake you some brownies or something!
And you could eat them and sing "Sunrise, Sunset."
That's what I would do.

Kate Park said...

I love Liz for such an amazing post that almost brought me to tears, and I love Kat for making me laugh about it.