Sunday, January 25, 2009

my favorite things, vol. V

chocolate covered pretzels

especially when they're pretty.


Ashley said...

What many of you don't know (and I do) is that underneath all that milk-chocolate goodness is a layer of soft chewy caramel. Mmmmmm. Thank you, thank you Liz and family. It was the perfect mix of salty and sweet for a sick family. It was super nice of you to stop by, and I cross my fingers you didn't inhale too much and catch anything yourself.

Amanda said...

I made chocolate (and caramel)covered pretzels for christmas gifts a few years ago. And while they were fabulous and yummy, they were a pain in the arse! I will never make them again. But I welcome other people making them for me.

Turley Family said...

wishing i lived closer so i could get some of the chocolate goodness with a layer of soft chewy caramel. my mouth is watering as i am typing it!