Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yesterday morning the boys were playing in another room when I heard William begin shouting "Jack Jack hair! Jack Jack hair!" followed quickly by maniacal laughter.
I was concerned that he had somehow managed to achieve Jack Jack hair on his own (it's happened before with lotion), so I called out and asked him to come see me.
A moment later he came skipping out of the room. He didn't have Jack Jack hair (thank goodness), but just as I bent down to give him a kiss and tell him he could keep playing, Michael came charging out of the room and jumped between us.
"Mom! MOM!," he yelled. "William is my best friend. I NEED him. You have to leave him alone, please."
"Okay," I said.
and he took William by the hand and ran off.


Sarah said...

That is so cute! your kids just have the sweetest personalities! I love it!! adorable pictures by the way..

Kate said...

This dresser has quite the photographic history now. Does it have a back-story or is it making it's own story currently? Love the posts. Love the photos.

Amanda said...

I can't even tell you how so cute your boys are. We say "Jack Jack Hair" about my Jack too.