Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just before Ivy was born, I borrowed this little crib from my mom to put in our room. It was made by my great-great-grandfather, and my great-grandmother slept in it, my grandma slept in it, my mother slept in it, and all of my siblings and I slept in it. And now that I've typed that out I'm kind of amazed the thing is not in pieces, because seriously. That is a lot of babies. But it's not in pieces, I assure you: it is sturdy and beautiful, and I've enjoyed having Ivy tucked inside it in our bedroom.

Last week we moved Ivy into the big crib in her own room. It's kind of a funny thing; with all three of my kids, I positively long for them to move into their own room because everyone's sleep improves exponentially, and then when it finally happens I find myself standing in the middle of my empty bedroom feeling...bereft. It's like early-onset empty-nesters.

Of course, after the first solid night's sleep in months, that feeling passes and I feel nothing but the AWESOMENESS of PURE SLEEP, that's a high I've missed.

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Turley Family said...

I am wanting to move Ella into madelynn's room, but they don't go to sleep at the same time yet, i don't want Ella waking up madelynn when she fuss her way to sleep! So needless to say i am super jealous! I am still working on getting 8 hours of sleep at night, at least i have madelynn sleeping through the night now! one down one to go!