Friday, February 20, 2009


Michael would prefer I not take a picture of his new haircut to show Grandy.

He would prefer to be left alone.

He would also prefer not taking a nap, William never touching another toy in our house ever again, and maybe a cookie for dinner.

life is hard, little buddy. life is hard.


Katie said...

Elizabeth - your blog is so so cute. Adam and I just spend the last 20 minutes looking through all your posts, and I LOVE them. I love your house, your photography style, everything! Oh, and your kids are cute too. When we finally get feeling better (cross your fingers) you guys should come over and play. Samuel needs some friend time, I've been denying him of it lately.

Ashley said...

He looks so grown up in the profile picture

Turley Family said...

good hair cut, he looks like a little man with his hair so short. I showed madelynn Michale's new hair cut..she said we should do that cut next time for her.