Monday, October 5, 2009

fix it

There were two reasons I didn't put any pictures of all my hard work up yesterday:
1) despite painting myself into an early grave, I didn't actually finish and
2) my camera battery was dead.
but now it is charged, and even though my downstairs still isn't finished (apparently, there is no such thing as magical project fairies, whatever, universe) I will show (some of) what happened.

I decided to do the same color through the downstairs, since the spaces aren't well-defined. first, I painted the front room. it used to look like this. Now it looks kind of like this:

Then I painted all the ceilings white. Then my arms fell off. Then I realized there was no way was I going to finish everything (what with having no arms, and all), so I taped a line between the family room and the kitchen, took a bunch of aleve, and painted the family room before calling it good:

as you can see, I have more to do. and I won't be able to get to it until at least the weekend, so this ugly line will just be sitting there. taunting me.
why does everyone else like projects so much? I don't understand.


Katie Lane said...

I love the front room color. So calming.
You can't decide to paint your whole house in one day! that's why you're dying. plus you need to invite friends over to help.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I don't know why I thought this, but when you said you painted your house, I thought you meant the outside! That would be a BIG project! I agree with Katie, you can't just paint the whole one room at a time. I'm sure you'll get it done and it will look fabulous!

Spliz said...

i didn't decided to do it all in one day. I decided to do it all in two days. Which also turned out to be a bad idea.

Ashley said...

it looks great!
love it.
love that you are doing projects!

Nama said...

We painted our entire townhome is 2 days with the help of 1 to 3 other people. Live and learn...

Also, I LOVE that first shot.

jamie said...

Love the new color of the front room! And although that line may be taunting you, it's pretty darn impressive - very clean, neat line! WAy to go! I hope you at least got rid of your kids...if you didn't when you decide to tackle another room, send them over!!!