Sunday, October 4, 2009

project reject

earlier this week, when some plans I had for the weekend were postponed, I was overcome by a wave of what then I would have termed "ambition" but now I would call "total raving lunacy," and I decided to paint my house.

Here's the problem. I have a crafty, do-it-yourself type husband, who has crafty do-it-yourself type relatives, plus I now have many crafty do-it-yourself type friends, and with their encouragement/support/example, it doesn't take long for me to go from thinking about what I want done to my house, to thinking, hey, maybe I could do that to my house. because what kind of moron can't paint their own house?

So I start, and I get about halfway though the project before remembering that I am the kind of moron who can't paint their own house. that kind of moron is me.

it has been quite the weekend. my elbows may never forgive me.

and if I ever, ever again, intimate in any way, any way at all, that I want to learn more crafty, do-it-yourself type skills, please shoot me.

the end.


Natalie said...

Pictures! Pictures! You can't say you have painted your house and not share pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope you plan on posting pictures. I have to see this!