Sunday, October 25, 2009

where technology comes to die

If I haven't been blogging, it's only because my house is a giant black hole of horrifying and costly technological malfunction. First it was our heating and air, then Christofer's computer, then my computer, then Christofer's car, then my computer again, then my camera, then my phone,
then my entire universe imploded,
and so on and so forth.

you get the idea.

and now, before anyone can enter the house, I have to give a standard caution: please leave any and all expensive/valuable/working equipment on the porch, because inevitably the forces of darkness in this house will wear upon them and you will end up spending hundreds of dollars in fruitless and frustrating repairs.

consider yourself warned.

next, and this isn't related in any way, I just wanted you all to know I wore a brand-spanking-new black skirt to church today (because I do not have enough black skirts) that I really thought was fantastic, but now I am seriously rethinking, because TWO PEOPLE asked me if I was pregnant.


so that was awesome.

also, this week I made a bunch of caramel/chocolate apples to give away, but ended up eating most of them. and now I'm sad that I ate them, mostly because I wish there were some left to eat right now.

dear Great Pumpkin,
please send me
1) a computer that works
2) more caramel apples.

(I also might have seen It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown this week.)
(twenty times.)
(what's new with you?)


Katie Lane said...

well now I'm not coming over.
I wasn't at church so I didn't get to see your beautiful new skirt. Who asked you? Oh that's awful that I want to know.

Catherine said...

My dishwasher died on Saturday. Maybe all the appliances have something contagious - swine flu???

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

maybe they asked you if you were pregnant because of Ivy's age, and the amazing ability you have to produce children so close together.

jamie said...

First, your skirt looked AWESOME and in NO way made you look prego. (You are like the skinniest person in the WORLD and if I looked as amazing as you do, I'd be wearing spandex 24/7!) Jared just has absolutely ZERO tact (and if you hadn't figured that out by now...)

Ashley said...

time to diversify:)

that being said, i am sure it is a lovely skirt.

Hiatt said...

I love you, you're great! Thanks for the apple btw, didn't know YOU made them, need to come learn how. My caramel always melts to the bottom!