Monday, December 7, 2009

Darth Vader eating a turkey and avacado sandwich

"William," I asked, "why aren't you speaking quietly?"

"Because I Darth Vader," he replied, "and Darth Vader's a Bad Guy."

valid point.


Katie Lane said...

oh he's good. and handsome. love the yelling face.

ayoungblut said...

How is it you get your kids to eat healthy?

Spliz said...


i mean, just kidding. it's my super seriously awesome parenting skills.


Turley Family said...

too cute and funny! i got the biggest kick out of that lil dude. can't wait to see ya all soon!

Christofer said...

haha, that's a face i've come to know well.

Grandy said...

Gotta love William, and of course, Darth!!