Thursday, December 3, 2009


this morning was one of those mornings, so when Michael ignored my request to go upstairs and get dressed for the third time I gave him my best mom face and was like, "Dude. You have ONE MORE CHANCE TO LISTEN. And then, if your clothes, your shirt and your pants, are not ON YOUR BODY, I am going to beat you."

Just kidding. I didn't threaten to beat him. I threatened to confiscate his lightsaber, which apparently is more horrible than a threatened beating. he almost flew into a rage. then he looked at my face again, thought better of it, and sighed in exasperation, because, geez. MOMS, you know? so annoying.

"OhhhKAAAAAAYYYYyyyyy," he said, and stomped upstairs. I was surprised to find a preteen in my house, but whatever. At least he went upstairs to get dressed.

In a few mintues he called down to me. "Hey MOOOoooom. I got DRESSssssed." I found the jocularity in his voice suspicious. A second later, my suspicions were confirmed, and honestly, my first inclination was to be even more angry because it had been one of those mornings. Then I thought, "Hey, wait. that actually is pretty funny."

and I laughed.


Katie Lane said...

Oh that's too funny. What a smarty pants. Get ready Elizabeth, I have a feeling he's going to give you a challenge. His good looks alone are bad enough, but smart too?! geez.

Nama said...

Awesome job there Michael.

It's good to have you back, Liz. :)

jamie said...

Note to much as I absolutely love and adore him, Michael and Mia are NOT allowed to date in the future. Ever. Two teens that are too smart for their own good would put us (at least me) over the edge :)

Grandy said...

This is what happens when you have children who as as smart as you are. And just tonight Claire asked me if she was the smartest in the family..... He'll give HER a run for her money!!! :)