Sunday, May 8, 2011

things I learned (am learning) from my mother

Have patience
be selfless
magazines are a waste of time and money
you should always assume the best of people.
Put your napkin on your lap before eating
be polite
and smile a lot
apologize when you're wrong.
Be kind.
Money spent on shoes is money spent well.
Your memory gets rosy as you age
and if you want something done right, do it
don't whine
or mope,
or procrastinate ( "if you had just done this two weeks ago, you wouldn't have this problem...")
Go ahead and laugh at your kids when they're angry
or when they cry
(but only if it's over stupid things, be sensitive sometimes, too.)
Show compassion
and take lots of embarrassing pictures of your kids.
Be practical
don't fight
Take care of yourself
take care of your husband.
Telling people what to do drives them crazy, but sometimes, for your own sanity, you must tell them what to do anyway.
I can accomplish anything
and you love me more than I could appreciate before I had kids.

thanks, Mama.


David and Jana said...


Maggie said...

Well said, and I will second all of the above. What a beautiful mother we have!

Grandy said...

No wonder your mother has that beautiful glow about her. No wonder I/we love her so very much. She is a true saint. I wish she'd taught me the procratination part earlier!!!! I will try harder on all these points so I can "grow up" to be just like me precious friend, Jeannie!

Anna said...

I sure love your Momma too!!